New “No nonsense” Technical Foul Rule

Posted: October 21, 2010 in sports
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I personally dislike the new technical foul rule. How can you “T-up” a player for showing emotion against what they feel is a wrong call. I was watching this video on where in a matter of seconds three techs were called. One against Jermaine O’Neal and two on Kevin Garnett which threw him out of the game. Garnett didn’t say anything towards the ref, he simply just showed his emotion  and the ref gave him a tech. then he followed the ref mouthing something and seconds later he was ejected from the game. This new rule will change the outcome of some games. Some of these games can be very important to some teams. It could have playoff implications or it can even be a game 7 of a conference finals. Just LET THE PLAYERS PLAY. Also fans come to see their favorite players and teams play. Having this new rule, that is in my eyes ridiculous, will change the game for the worse. There’s no way players can hold in emotion over a competitive game like basketball. The complaining isn’t getting out of hand. It’s not like we have “Palace of Auburn Hill’s brawls” every night in the NBA. Just let it go..


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