Fantasy LeBron Fits

Posted: October 30, 2010 in sports

LeBron would’ve been a perfect fit for multiple teams. For
example Dallas, New Jersey, Chicago, and New York are ones that
could have possibly had him. New Jersey is a much deeper team than
a year ago. They have many young talented players that could have
shined if LeBron would’ve signed there. They would have a good
balanced inside and out game as well as a great perimeter defense.
Also with the addition of Derrick Favors their post defense has
improved. Dallas on the other hand would be and instant title
contender. Every year they have a legitimate chance of getting to
the NBA finals. The inside out game would be crazy if they had
LeBron. The line up would be so solid. Tyson chandler at center,
Dirk and LeBron at the foward spots, then Kidd and Butler to round
out the line-up at the guard position. Personally i’d be more
interested in seeing that team play instead of the current Miami
Heat team. Then there’s Chicago. They have good youth, size and
depth. They already have a good defensive squad. (Even though they
didn’t show that against LeBron and the Cavs in the playoffs) As
cliche as this may sound they would benefit so much on offense with
Lebron on the team. They would be able to run-n-gun on every team
they faced. They would be like the 06-07 Suns but on steroids. *New
york Knicks.. I’m not even going to get into that. (They have the
skill but not the heart. Even if they had LeBron they wouldn’t make
it to the conference finals)


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