So It’s Official

Posted: February 22, 2011 in sports

So Carmelo is officially a New York Knick. i’m glad to see the Knicks finally get some hope back into Madison Square Garden. They havent been the same since Reggie Miller and my Pacers ripped their hearts out in the 90’s. But that’s another story for another day. It’s going to be good seing good basketball being played in the Garden by the home team. Even though theyve been playin g good with the team they had this season.

It was said that Melo felt that if the Knicks waited for free agency to to get him that he would feel less valued by them. No Melo, who in their right mind would not value a player of your stature. The fact is, you would be a better fit for the team that they have now. If they wanted to have instant success they would have just acquired you in the free agency period. But everything with sports is “what are you doing now?”. No one really thinks hard about the future until their star players start to age. If Melo was concerned about money he should already know that being a big star in New York comes with its advantages. He’ll have plenty of endorsement deals.

At the end of the day NY has two great players now. They can build around them and replace the players that they lost. It will take time to do it but from my knowledge of Donnie Walsh and his success in Indiana, I know he can get it done for the Knicks

-Lance Whitley


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