NBA Playoffs (1st round thoughts)

Posted: April 20, 2011 in sports
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Bulls vs. Pacers

People are making to big of a deal about the Bulls lack of playing in this series. When you play a team in the same division as you of course you’re going to know how to play them. People are saying “Oh the Bulls are not the team to beat in the east” (which they’re not) and saying “If they let the Pacers out play them for two games they can’t handle anyone else”. Look, the fact of the matter is when you play a team X amount of times during the year you’re going to know tendencies of that team, how to beat them defensively, overall you just know exactly what your going to get. Do i believe Indy will get at most one game on them? Yes. But just don’t make a big deal out of this series. Indy may not be a top team in the league this year but one thing is for sure, the Pacers are flat out tough on the court. They hustle just as hard as the top teams in the league they only have a lack of talent at certain positions and that is what is holding this team back.

Spurs vs. Gizzlies

This is a very odd match up between a 1 and 8 seed. The Grizzlies said they wanted the Spurs because they felt like that was the best match-up for them. which is reasonable after almost sweeping them during the season. I feel like this series could go either way. Memphis has beaten top teams constantly all year. They’ve beat OKC, LA, Orlando, NY, Chicago, and Dallas twice this season. Then they’ve beaten the Spurs the 3-4 times that they met this season so it’s pretty easy to see why they would rather play San Antonio instead of LA (But who wouldn’t). Everything seems to be going in the Grizzlies favor in this series. Ginobili gets hurt right before the playoffs and that’s great for Memphis. Then also the fact that they’ve had their number all year should be a huge confidence booster for them. Will Memphis win the championship this year? No, we all know they will not do that but they can cause a great upset in basketball and give us all something to talk about.

Celtics Vs. Knicks

This is one of the most controversial series this year. So far there has been bad calls left and right and plenty of bone head mistakes by the Knicks and Celtics both. First off the fact NY stayed in this second game kind of adds to the fact that Melo is a one of a kind player. When he gets hot it’s impossible to stop a player like that from doing what he wants. Melo was going off and had Paul Pierce guarding him. Pierce is one of the best defensive small forwards in the league. Melo put that Knicks team on his back until the last few minutes of that game when Doc Rivers finally decides to throw two defenders his way.

On the Celtics part they’re obviously not the same team they’ve been. On defense theyre pretty weak down low. There’s no force down there that would make you second think about pounding the ball inside. Then Pierce has been struggling offensively also. Any time Rondo has to drop 30 points you know somebody in that big three is struggling. Game two Rondo had 30 points and ONLY 7 assist. that’s not Rondo like or Boston Celtic like. I know that Pierce will turn it around for the rest of the series. I have this series going to Boston in 6 games.

Lakers Vs. Hornets

To make this short LA will win this series in 5 games. NO got the first game on them but Chris Paul could not be stopped. Also their bigs frustrated Pau Gasol. With the hornets back up center (Arron Gray) hurt i don’t think we’ll see the same kind of effort on the boards or defensively. Also CP3 isn’t going to put up 33 points 14 ast and 7 rebounds every game. He’ll slow down some. LA will most likely dominate for the rest of this series.

Other Predictions

  1. Hawks and Orlando : Could go either way but most likely Orlando
  2. Denver vs. OKC: OKC in 7 games
  3. Miami Vs. Philly: Miami get’s the sweep
  4. Dallas vs. Portland: Maybe Dallas in 5 games/ Dallas in 7 games


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