Toughness Over All

Posted: April 21, 2011 in sports
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The Laker’s Pau Gasol has scored a low 16 points in their first two games against the Hornets. After game one when he only scored 8 i thought that he would turn it around for game two. To my surprise he ended up with the same exact scoring total. After the Hornets Arron Gray went down i thought for sure we’d see more production from Gasol in the paint. Carl Landry Oakefor stepped up big time. Their toughness made up for the size that they were giving away against the Laker bigs. They may not have gotten the win but they did play great defense throughout game two. I think that they’ll be able to get at least one more game on the Lakers. I honestly don’t see the Hornets beating them in the manor that they did in game one. I don’t think the Lakers need to be concerned with Gasol’s slumps. A player like him will turn it around and come back strong.


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