Prepare for the Worst

Posted: September 14, 2011 in sports

After the Colts game against the Texans sunday a lot of questions have risen up about how good the Colts really are. People didn’t think that Peyton Manning being out would hurt them as much as it did. There’s a few things that people fail to realize. Even though it appears that the Colt’s defense has improved from a few years ago it really hasn’t. Sure the Colts pass rushing is better and the speed of the defense has increased but the run defense was exposed for what it really is.

Peyton Manning takes a lot of pressure away from the defense with his ability to throw touchdowns at will and his good clock management skills. He gets a lot of points on the board early on in the game so that makes their opponents pass the ball more just trying to keep up. He also keeps the defense off the field. When the defense goes into the game they usually have a decent lead which means that their pass rushing shines bright. When they failed to put points on the board  the Texans abused the Colt’s defense with their excellent running attack.

You would think that the defense would’ve been prepared to play extended minutes knowing that Manning would be out. They should have seen all of this coming. Even thought the Texans have good wide receivers in Jacoby Jones and pro-bowler Andre Johnson they’re still a run first team. They like to use up as much clock as possible and they like to wear out defenses. It was painful to watch the Colt’s defense crumble like they did. I thought they would’ve played better than what they did but I guess i was wrong.

As much as i hate to say this but colts fans get ready to see a lot of this until Peyton Manning comes back. Kerry Collins can only do so much seeing that he has no chemistry with any players on that offense. Then on top of a QB new to the system, the offensive line can’t even block. The offensive line has never been able to help in the run game but now it seems like they can’t even protect their QB. It’s going to be a long season for the Colts and after what I saw Sunday I don’t even see them winning more than ten games.


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