Colt’s Schedule/ QB Woes

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

After going over the Colt’s schedule i only see them winning 1-3 games without their franchise quarterback, Peyton Manning. I see them winning the season closer at Jacksonville. But they could easily lose that game because of one man, Maurice Jones-Drew. If the Colts let Chiefs’ third string running back (Jackie Battle) come in the game and dominate I can see a pro bowler like Jones-Drew dominating.

The people of Indianapolis, including me, are so spoiled to having a great QB in Manning we never thought how life would be without him. When people get on Curtis Painter’s case about a missed throw or any other mistakes they have to take into consideration that he doesn’t even get to practice. Manning takes all of the snaps in practice. We’ve only got to see Painter in bad situations. Any QB would suck if they never got to take a snap in practice. Manning kind of set them up for this. He already knows the offense like the back of his hand. Plus with him knowing that he’s getting older he needs to let another QB get some snaps. It wouldn’t hurt a thing.

With the recent change at QB for the Colts we might just be able to pull three wins out this season. I think Kerry Collins having concussion like symptoms was the best thing for the Colts this season. Curtis Painter might not have a lot of experience but with the offense the Colts have I’d rather see someone who has at least been around for a while get in there at QB instead of some fresh free agent pick up. As Reggie Wayne hinted around; Painter obviously gives them the best chance to win. He had faith in Painter and now we’re seeing why.


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