Top 15 NBA Free Agents (Possible Destinations)

Posted: November 30, 2011 in sports
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1. Nene: I see him wanting to go somewhere were he can win. He’s connected to Denver outside of basketball but i know that’s not enough to keep him there. He’s ready to be on a championship level team, he wants to win and he wants to win now. i don’t know where he’ll end up but i don’t think he’ll be in Denver.

 2. Tyson Chandler: After winning their finals win against the Heat i don’t see why he wouldn’t want to play for Dallas again. He know’s he could get paid more somewhere else but he won a title with the Mavs and I’m sure he’ll want to repeat. He’ll be a Mav one way or another.

 3. David West: His time is up in New Orleans. He’s getting older and i’m sure he wants to go somewhere where he can win. If he goes back to the hornets he’ll probably get traded. With trade talks between the Hornets, Celtics, and Pacers about moving Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo we could possibly see Mr. West being part of the trade package. If they lose West to Free Agency it could affect if CP3 want’s to stay there or not.

 4.Marc Gasol: Gasol is a restricted free agent and most likely the Grizzlies will do anything to keep their starting center. I don’t seem him going anywhere else. He will be in Memphis this upcoming season.

 5. Deandre Jordan: The Clippers love Jordan but they aren’t dumb. They might try to get Nene or Gasol before they decide to resign him. I don’t think the clippers will be able to get another center so i see Deandre Jordan in a Clipper uniform next season. (In the back of my mind they might be able to get Gasol for the right price)

 6.Thaddeus Young: Young is out. He’s a hard worker and any team will want him on their roster. I don’t know where he’ll be but I know he definently won’t be in Philly.

7. Andrei Kirilenko:  He signed a three-year deal with CSKA Moscow so it’s unlikely that he’ll be returning to the NBA but if he does decide to use his NBA out clause and come back the Nets owner Mikhail Prokorov will pursue his fellow Russian

8. Jamal Crawford: I see Crawford going to a team like the Bulls or the Nets. He’ll be playing for a team that has the right amount of playing time and cash. There’s a lot of teams that need help on the offensive end and he could definently help them out.

9. Tayshuan Prince: Prince’ time is up in Detroit. The Piston’s front office wants to bring him back but it’s highly unlikely.

 10. Jeff Green: The Celtics need to resign Green. It would be crazy not to. He has so much upside to his game. But at what price are the Celtics willing to resign their young forward? Money the only issue there.

 11. Shane Battier: Plenty of teams need a strong defender. I know he probably wants to stay in Memphis but most likely he’ll be out. Predicting where he could end up at is impossible.

 12. Caron Butler: I’d love to see Caron Butler back in a Mavs uniform but i don’t see them paying him the money he’ll probably want. He’s too injury prone. According to Yahoo sports the Heat would be interested in bringing him back so we’ll see what happens there.

 13. Jason Richardson: According to Yahoo Sports the Bulls are interested in the veteran guard. I’d love to see him play along side D. Rose. That would be a perfect fit.

 14. Rodney Stuckey: I see Stuckey being back in a Pistons uniform at the start of the season. He’s a restricted free agent so he’ll probably be back. i don’t see anyone going out of their way to obtain this young talented guard for their team.

 15.Kris Humphries: I see him landing in Houston. But for some reason i think he’ll be back in New Jersey.

  1. shawn says:

    jeff green needs to go some were beside the celtics i hate seein him with a celtic jersy on he ant a celtic

  2. shawn says:

    thaddeus young should come to THE BOSTON CELTICS one we could use the talent two BOSTON would be the best fit 4 him i think

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