The New York Giants: Champs Again!

Posted: February 8, 2012 in sports
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When you’re a sports  fan you usually can’t help but to be bias sometimes. I can’t stress it enough how happy I was that the Patriots lost here in Indianapolis. Being a Colt’s fan it would’ve been hard to watch New England players prance around the field celebrating a Super Bowl Victory. Having New England fans running downtown with high spirits would’ve been terrible. I’m so glad that the G-Men didn’t choke in the big game.

Going into Sunday’s game it was funny to me how people had the Giants ass the underdog’s. Have no clue at all how that’s possible. Sure New England had a better record but it was obvious who the better team going into that game was. The Giants are balanced on both sides of the ball. They’re not one-sided  like the Pats. Even with Gronk being hurt I still kept hearing people go with the Patriots as the victors. A healthy Gronk would’ve helped but if you really paid attention to that game the Pats had plenty of chances to take complete control of the game without him.

There were many doubts about Eli Manning and his ability before this season. A lot of people were not ready to give him a seat at the elite QB table, but after this season i think you have to pull one out for him. He has the clutch gene that every QB needs and he also doesn’t get rattled. He’s proven that he is elite with his two Super Bowl titles and two MVP awards. He comes through when you need him the most.

I’m pretty sure M.I.A. wasn’t the only one who wanted to flip the bird to the world. The G-Men have been criticized all season about their mental toughness  and the continuity of their locker room. Talks about players being traded or cut, and coaches on the hot seat would make a lesser team crumble. The Giants used all the things said about them as fuel. This fuel motivated that whole roster and look where they’re at now… They’re back home in New York with the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy. Their lack of mental toughness that people criticized them about is what got them through this long journey. They proved the world wrong and showed that they could overcome.


  1. shawn says:

    GIANTS SUCK they shouldnt have wone GO PATS

  2. Sean Breslin says:

    Glad to see the Patriots didn’t win.

  3. Perfectly said. All good points. Personally, although i didn’t agree with the oddsmakers on this line, I’m still glad they made the Giants the ‘ubderdogs’, They seem to play better with that label and have risen to the challenge on more than one occasion; like SB XLII for example.

    Nice Post!

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