Super Bowl Thoughts

Posted: February 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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A lot of people had their doubts about the Super Bowl being here in Indy. They said our city would be too small and that the weather would be terrible. I was on twitter looking at tweets from non Hoosiers and a lot of the tweets were just blasting Indiana. People who have never been to Indiana have this perception that it’s nothing but hicks and farms. Well in my opinion we proved those people wrong.

Indianapolis did a great job of hosting the Super Bowl. The size of downtown Indy was the key to this success. Everything in the downtown area is within a short walking distance. Unlike last year’s Super Bowl in Dallas you didn’t have to travel far to get to your destinations. Dallas is a prime example that bigger doesn’t always equal better. On top of the size of Dallas the weather was a huge issue as well. People absolutely hated traveling those long distances during the heavy snow storm. Even if the weather was bad here in Indy it would not have been that big of a problem. People could get where they needed to go with little to no problem.

While watching the news and ESPN this week it was obvious that everyone had the same thoughts on the city. They loved the Hoosier hospitality, and they loved how all the events and attractions were centrally located. Sure you can have this game in more luxurious of cities but at the end of the day there are certain needs that you have to address to pull off a huge event such as the Super Bowl, Indy addressed them all. I can only count on one hand how many complaints I heard all week-long and those were mostly about the parking. With any huge event there’s always going to be over-priced parking and trouble finding it.

Another good thing about last week is the influx of celebrities and athletes that came to Indy. With them coming here it helped a ton of clubs and local businesses. Even though it cost a pretty penny to book these big names a lot of these venues probably still made more in a night then they would in a week. Celebs are already spending a ton of money then you have to take into account how many people they attracted to these different venues.

Now to the game, there was no doubt that this game was going to be compelling. From start to finish it had me on my toes and alert. The whole time I was watching I couldn’t help but to think about the bad things that could possibly happen downtown if the Patriots won here. After the late touchdown by Ahmad Bradshaw I knew that it was too much time to give Tom Brady.

The Giants caught a break three times in their final two drives. First Wes Welker couldn’t hang onto a slightly high thrown ball from Brady on a crucial third down. I thought for sure he would’ve caught that and turned up field for at least a 10 yard gain. If he catches that pass then that gives them enough room to run the clock out. Then on the next drive Dion Branch drops a tipped ball that would have gained them at least 30 to 40 yards. With the game on the line the Patriots came within about a Gronkowski ankle short of an amazing victory.

If Gronk had been healthy I believe he would’ve caught that tipped hail-mary pass. He was a few inches short of being right there. Giant’s fans should be thanking Bernard Pollard (Baltimore Ravens) for his hit on Gronk in the AFC championship game. If he caught that ball it would’ve been a heart breaker. If he came in a tucked that ball away for the touchdown it would’ve gone down as one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history

This week made a lot of Hoosiers proud to be Hoosiers. I think it’s safe to say that Indianapolis can pull off hosting huge events. Recently we’ve shown that with the Final Four two years ago, and races like the Indy 500. We’re the 12th largest city in the United States. I think it’s time that we get some recognition for our great city. Overall this past week was greater beyond many people’s expectations.

  1. shawn says:

    giants suck go pats

  2. shawn says:

    the pats should have wone giants suck

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