Football or Baseball: Is There a Passing of the Torch in American Culture?

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

Football is the most watched sport in America today. People love violence and what better sport to watch than football. It’s not as gory as MMA and it isn’t a sport that can be scripted like professional wrestling.  When you watch it; there is always something different from when you last watched it. It’s huge now but in my opinion baseball is still America’s pastime. Over time, there have been many events in baseball that would affect the world of sports.

Baseball may be a dying sport but its past is very relevant today. The breaking of the color barrier is a huge event that has helped shape sports into what we have today. Jackie Robinson, in 1947, became the first African American player to be up at bat in the modern major leagues.  Before Jackie it was over a half century earlier that a black player got a chance to play in the major leagues.

The breaking of the color barrier gave everyone a chance to play professional sports. It was not just blacks that got a chance; everyone of any race, creed, or color had the same opportunities. If you look at major sports now all you see is a mixture of people. Everyone is accepted. Baseball started this trend. Thanks to people like Branch Rickey and Happy Chandler giving Jackie Robinson a chance, many athletes today get a chance to make a name for themselves in their respective sports.

Baseball is huge in the U.S and it’s without a doubt the biggest sport for kids. If you watch ESPN and ESPN2 during the spring and the summer time you’ll catch the little league world series or even just exhibition games. These games are serious games too. They play top kids in the country and they also have foreign teams come over and play them. On top of those games you have softball too which is coming into its own as of late.

Football, from the pre game tailgating, to the intensity of players on the field, all the way to the cheerleaders is pound for pound the undisputed champion of sports. But that’s now. You can’t change history. Early on football wasn’t big at all. There were fans but no one really grew up wanting to go see a football game in the early 1900’s (Created in 1876). Baseball, on the other hand, goes back way before football was even thought of. It dates back to 1846. This without a doubt is the one and only American pastime.

You can’t base the recent success of one sport and discredit the long history and success of another. I’ll admit that I’m more a fan of football than I am baseball but I recognize which sport has had more of a lingering effect in today’s sports. Before the 1980’s you can’t even name one big figure in football. Nothing really pops in your head. But you look baseball and I guarantee you that you’ll be able to name at least 10-15 names if you were asked to on the spot.

Baseball fans are some of the most diehard fans out there. Even though their fan base doesn’t grow like it should it’s still a sport that’s deeply rooted in America. These people are very proud of their sport and will let you know that there’s no way football is the new pastime. They won’t accept hearing those words from anyone

After the steroid era the growth of baseball’s fan base slowed down. Steroids hurt the integrity of the game and that hurt its chances with potential fans. Like anything else, when something gets old or damaged it gets replaced by something else. People are replacing baseball with other sports. I think it’s safe to say that football was one of those substituted sports.


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