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Danny Granger made his first appearance of the year in the Pacers’ third meeting against the Pistons this season.  After shooting 1 of 10 from the field against their sub-par defense, as we expected,  he still has quite some time to fully get back into the swing of things. But I can say that I was pleased with some of the shots he took.  With time he will get back to playing like the Danny we’re all accustomed to seeing.

In his home debut against the Warriors the only thing that I was thinking about was the future of the team. After Paul George came down and knocked down a three right in the face of a defender and the production team cut to a view of the crowd all I saw was over joyous Pacer fans in #24 jersey’s.

The Warriors called a timeout and the look of confidence on Paul George’s face added fuel to the already ecstatic crowd. The more I look at Granger’s body language it’s clear that he knows his time in Indy is coming to an end and he’s not too happy about it. Once he gets more acclimated with the team things will be fine for the remainder of the year but i don’t see a scenario where he gets resigned. Maybe he’ll take less money but at this point who knows.

Many people are speculating when Granger will be put back into the starting unit. If it was up to me I would have a serious conversation with Danny and ask him about being a sixth man. The starting unit has built up a lot of chemistry together and so far it’s won them a lot of games. Offensively they struggle but the main issue is their bench production. I don’t think putting Lance Stephenson back on the bench to lead the second unit is the answer to your problems.

Paul George is blossoming into a star and splitting shots with Granger could slow down that development process. If Granger is coming off the bench with the second unit he will have more than half of the scoring duties with that scorer-less unit. Coming off the bench could be beneficial in many different areas for the Pacers. But that’s just my opinion on that. Coach Vogel has made it clear that at some point Granger will be back as a starter, just depends on the timing.

To throw a visual out there look at the lineup with Danny as a starter and you judge if having him come off the bench would be a bad thing.


PG: George Hill SG: Paul George SF: Danny Granger PF: David West C: Roy Hibbert

2nd Unit:

PG: DJ Augustine SG: Lance Stephenson (With occasional minutes from Orlando Johnson) SF: Gerald Green/Sam Young??? PF: Tyler Hansbrough C: Ian Mahinmi

Or would you rather have Danny come in and score at will with that second unit that has deficiencies at the small forward position and a need for more bench scoring. If you look at championship teams in the past a lot of them had excellent bench production. The best example of that is the 2011 Dallas Mavericks. Even without Caron Butler in the starting lineup they still had enough bench production to defeat the Miami Heat in a tough series.

Sure you could leave Granger or Paul George in with the bench but having Granger with the second unit will allow both of them to have equal time to rest. Plus with Granger coming off a knee injury no one knows if he can defend elite players as well as he could before.

It’s clear that coach Vogel doesn’t have a lot of faith in Gerald Green seeing that he lost his minutes to Orlando Johnson and didn’t play for a stretch of nine games. Sam young is a tough defender who Vogel has no problem throwing on the opposing teams’ best player but offensively he’s a liability.

DJ Augustine has definently had his scoring woes all season and has yet to really prove that signing him was a good idea. There’s no one on that second unit that just pops out as a guy who can get the job done as the starters rest.

When it all comes down to it there’s no doubt in my mind that the Pacers will be fine. No matter where he is on the depth chart he’ll do more good than bad. I just see a sixth man role as being more beneficial to the team.

Having one of your best players come off the bench has worked for teams in years past like the San Antonio Spurs with Manu Ginobili and the Los Angeles Lakers back when Lamar Odom was playing at a high level.  It’s worked more recently with the Oklahoma City Thunder in last years championship run when they had James Harden. I can see this working for the Pacers if they were to do this.

If the Pacers’ front office knows that they have no intention on resigning Granger to a contract extension they should do what’s best for the team now.  If they had success with a Granger-less roster for 55 games  i see no problem with him coming in off the bench and giving a huge boost to that second unit. It may hurt his pride and take a shot to his ego but if he loves his teammates and the city of Indianapolis he should be willing to do whatever the organization thinks is best.

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Tiger Woods is arguably one of the most recognized sports figures in history. He came on the pro scene in 1996 and absolutely took the tour by storm. No one had ever seen a game like his. No one had ever seen the passion and emotion he showed during competition. Part of the hype that surrounded him was due to the fact that he was African-American and people were not used to that type of person competing in the game of golf. But, as with most rises, there usually comes a fall. That fall can be quite a shock to those who don’t see it coming, as Tiger didn’t.

Tiger, whose actual name is Eldrick Tont Woods, was a prodigy in the game of golf literally since the time he could walk. He was born in Cypress, California on December 30, 1975, where he spent the majority of his youth. His parents are Earl and Kultida Woods. Tiger is a mix of many different ethnicities from African-american to Asian and Native American.

His father, Earl Woods, introduced young Eldrick to the game at a very young age. He took his son out on the course with him as much as he could. Earl was an avid golfer and enthusiast of the game. Young Tiger took to the game like a natural and excelled in the junior ranks. He even appeared on the Mike Douglas Show at the age of two where he putted against television icon Bob Hope.

Tiger excelled at the highest level all throughout his amateur career. He first broke the score of 80 at age 8 and shot his first sub-70 round at age 12. These are astounding numbers for any regular golfer, let alone a 12-year-old. The golfer went on to be named Southern California’s Amateur Player of the Year. Along with this accolade, Tiger was also named the Golf Digest Junior Amateur Player of the Year. These were just some of the highlights of his amateur career. He went on to win the prestigious US Amateur championship three years in a row.

After a very successful stint at the University of Stanford, Woods made the leap to the pro’s in 1996. He immediately drew major attention and signed deals with Nike and Titleist. With a solid rookie campaign Tiger was able to win the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year honor and the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year award. Big things were on the horizon for the young golfer and all this potential was finally brought to the light at the 1997 Masters at Augusta National.

The Tiger show was on display for that entire week at Augusta where he dazzled spectators and competitors alike. That tournament was the fuel on the fire for Tiger’s career. He’s since gone on to win a record 71 PGA tour events, 38 European Tour events and 14 majors. He quickly rose to the World Golf’s #1 ranking where he remained for a record 264 weeks. The performance Woods may actually be remembered for the most is his 2008 U. S. Open victory over Rocco Mediate. During that week Tiger was battling a major knee injury, later finding out his knee was basically deteriorated and gone. Kenny Perry was in awe saying, “He beat everybody on one leg.”

Woods’ career took a huge hit in late 2009. While at his home in Windermere, Florida on a November night, Tiger’s wife Elin Nordegren found traces in the golfer’s phone that he hadn’t been faithful to her and their marriage. A domestic dispute broke out as the evidence became more real and was brought to light. The truth became more evident as the night turned into morning hours.

It was 2:25 a.m. on the morning of Nov. 27th. There were multiple reports of an accident that happened right outside of Tiger Wood’s home in Windermere, Florida. There were many different versions of this story but now it’s time to break it down into something that makes a little bit more sense.

When Tiger was leaving his house in his Escalade at 2:25 a.m. he had to be going at a speed no faster than 33 MPH. If he was going any faster than that his air bags would’ve deployed when he hit a fire hydrant and crashed into the tree.

So that right there throws out the rumor that Elin bashed his windshield to get him out of the Escalade while he was in and out of consciousness. Something had to of caused the wreck. That something was Elin bashing his windshield while Tiger was making an escape. There was no way that she was trying to save him. Wouldn’t it be easier to just bash the front window instead of the back? On top of that I doubt that she’d be able to carry him to safety. This rumor was obviously false.

An alternate theory is that there was a domestic disturbance between the couple.  Tiger and Elin were arguing over something and the facial lacerations that he sustained were not suffered in the crash but they were cuts from his angry wife. After he was cut he was trying to flee the scene to safety, but while he was doing so Elin Chased after him and smashed out his back window. Tiger (very shocked) turned around quickly to see what the loud smashing sound was. After he turned around he lost control of his vehicle and crashed.

That theory makes more sense than the first one. Why would Tiger be leaving his house so early in the morning after thanksgiving with his family? I’m sure he wasn’t just going for a late night golf run at the local Windermere golf course.

For now all we can go by is the story about her bashing his window out to get him out of his truck. Does it add up? Not really. After the fact that all the women came out and admitted to having a relationship with Tiger, the more hostile scenario seems more believable.

The argument was all started by a text that Elin saw from Rachel Uchilet. She saw that what was on it wasn’t just a normal conversation that friends have. She decided to go through the phone more and found more text and phone calls from different women. She even heard voicemails of some of these women.

They argued and obviously some cuts and scratches were put on Tiger. He was hurt mentally and physically so he decided to leave the house at early in the morning at 2:25 a.m. We don’t know where he was going for sure but we know he didn’t get far. He was driving slowly enough for his wife to catch up to him and bust out his back window.

The shattering of his back window scared him and threw him off track causing him to hit a fire hydrant then run into a tree. He drifted in and out of consciousness until the cops and EMT’s arrived on the scene. That’s when Elin told her version of the story saying that she had to bust the window out to get Tiger out of the crashed Escalade and take him to safety.

– Eric Askren & Lance Whitley




Betsy Ross was born in Connersville Indiana. She is a former ESPN News anchor and Sportscaster; she was one of the first women to really break into sports anchoring scene on the national level.  In 1972 she received her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ball State and later a master’s degree in speech pathology from the University of Notre Dame.

Betsy Ross’ time at ESPN wasn’t one of many trials and tribulations. When people think about male dominated professions they automatically come to the conclusion that women are treated inferior to their male counterparts. She said that everyone at ESPN were very nice and respectful people. There were two people that she mentioned enjoying to be around, Reece Davis and Keith Overman. She never had any instances where she felt out-of-place or that she was being treated unfair. She wasn’t tested or picked on by any of the men she worked with. She knew that she was looked at as an equal and not just some chick who thinks she knows something about sports.

She described working at ESPN to being in a fraternity. You’re living out in Bristol Connecticut at the ESPN compound with the people you work with.  It’s a must that you get along with the people those people. You’re really all you guys have out there and making a hostile environment isn’t good for anyone.  Like a fraternity they all sleep, eat, and have common goals and interest.

One topic that Betsy brought up in her talk was the incident that happened with the Jets and Ines Sainz, a reporter for Mexico’s TV Azteca. Briefly explaining the situation she accused the Jets players of sexual harassment. Betsy felt that she was more so in the wrong between the two parties. She said that when you’re at work, no matter the environment you have to dress the part. Ines Sainz was not even close to dressing like a journalist should. Betsy acknowledged that any type of harassment is wrong but sometimes you’re just asking for it.

There’s one side that feels that she was being inappropriately harassed while she was in the jets locker-room after a big game. Another side feels that she brought all the attention on herself when she decided to enter a locker-room full of men while wearing skin-tight jeans. In my opinion her getting harassed was wrong but she also has to realize that her attire was not appropriate for that occasion. She was working and she has to keep a higher degree of professionalism. Expecting a woman wearing revealing clothes in a football locker-room to not draw some type of attention is like leaving honey covered steaks around a grizzly bear and expecting them to not pounce at the first chance they have.

The locker-room is an athlete’s office in a sense. They allow you to come in and invade their space after every game. Even though a lot of the guys are half-naked you still have to realize that’s their locker-room and it’s your choice to enter. You should know what to expect when you enter. In my mind there’s no way that she was surprised by the looks and reactions to her attire.

Betsy is a true professional. She preaches that no matter if you’re a man or woman writing is the key to success in the media industry. Today we see more and more women getting chance to shine. The women who have made it to the top of their profession in the media world have attracted a new audience. There’s a lot of young aspiring female journalist, public relations people, broadcasters and reporters. It’s good to see diversity in a once male dominated industry.

A lot of people had their doubts about the Super Bowl being here in Indy. They said our city would be too small and that the weather would be terrible. I was on twitter looking at tweets from non Hoosiers and a lot of the tweets were just blasting Indiana. People who have never been to Indiana have this perception that it’s nothing but hicks and farms. Well in my opinion we proved those people wrong.

Indianapolis did a great job of hosting the Super Bowl. The size of downtown Indy was the key to this success. Everything in the downtown area is within a short walking distance. Unlike last year’s Super Bowl in Dallas you didn’t have to travel far to get to your destinations. Dallas is a prime example that bigger doesn’t always equal better. On top of the size of Dallas the weather was a huge issue as well. People absolutely hated traveling those long distances during the heavy snow storm. Even if the weather was bad here in Indy it would not have been that big of a problem. People could get where they needed to go with little to no problem.

While watching the news and ESPN this week it was obvious that everyone had the same thoughts on the city. They loved the Hoosier hospitality, and they loved how all the events and attractions were centrally located. Sure you can have this game in more luxurious of cities but at the end of the day there are certain needs that you have to address to pull off a huge event such as the Super Bowl, Indy addressed them all. I can only count on one hand how many complaints I heard all week-long and those were mostly about the parking. With any huge event there’s always going to be over-priced parking and trouble finding it.

Another good thing about last week is the influx of celebrities and athletes that came to Indy. With them coming here it helped a ton of clubs and local businesses. Even though it cost a pretty penny to book these big names a lot of these venues probably still made more in a night then they would in a week. Celebs are already spending a ton of money then you have to take into account how many people they attracted to these different venues.

Now to the game, there was no doubt that this game was going to be compelling. From start to finish it had me on my toes and alert. The whole time I was watching I couldn’t help but to think about the bad things that could possibly happen downtown if the Patriots won here. After the late touchdown by Ahmad Bradshaw I knew that it was too much time to give Tom Brady.

The Giants caught a break three times in their final two drives. First Wes Welker couldn’t hang onto a slightly high thrown ball from Brady on a crucial third down. I thought for sure he would’ve caught that and turned up field for at least a 10 yard gain. If he catches that pass then that gives them enough room to run the clock out. Then on the next drive Dion Branch drops a tipped ball that would have gained them at least 30 to 40 yards. With the game on the line the Patriots came within about a Gronkowski ankle short of an amazing victory.

If Gronk had been healthy I believe he would’ve caught that tipped hail-mary pass. He was a few inches short of being right there. Giant’s fans should be thanking Bernard Pollard (Baltimore Ravens) for his hit on Gronk in the AFC championship game. If he caught that ball it would’ve been a heart breaker. If he came in a tucked that ball away for the touchdown it would’ve gone down as one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history

This week made a lot of Hoosiers proud to be Hoosiers. I think it’s safe to say that Indianapolis can pull off hosting huge events. Recently we’ve shown that with the Final Four two years ago, and races like the Indy 500. We’re the 12th largest city in the United States. I think it’s time that we get some recognition for our great city. Overall this past week was greater beyond many people’s expectations.