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The Indiana Pacers: #BeatTheHeat  <-(Click Here For Highlights)

On February 1st the leagues top two defensive teams faced off. When the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat play it’s always a physical game. Even before last year’s Eastern Conference Semi-finals they had intense games. The Heat took the first two season meetings, the first one was a crushing victory. The second game was one in overtime with a last second shot by Dwayne Wade. Most people will say that the Heat didn’t win the game but the Pacers lost it themselves.

The Pacers exposed a lot of the Heat’s flaws. Everyone knows that Miami is not the best rebounding team and that they lack depth and toughness in the front court. David West and company attacked the low post almost every time down the court. When West feels Shane Battier on his back it was almost an automatic bucket from there. Through three quarters West only missed one shot.

Another player who played big was Lance Stephenson. He may not be a household name but he is a guy who will try his hardest to out-hustle you. He’s an in-your-face defender and it looked like Wade and LeBron were not fully prepared for that. Throughout the game you could catch the two complaining to the ref about the physical play of Lance. They also got ticked off by Lance’s steady trash talking after plays and when he slapped the ball out of LeBron’s hands just for fun. At halftime he and Wade both had similar numbers so he had to be doing something right.

Paul George had a bigger night than what his numbers showed. He may be an all-star but the way the Pacer’s offense is ran, everyone is involved. He didn’t force anything at all during this game. Even with LeBron on him he was able to pick and choose his spots. On the defensive end he was solid as well. He had one series that showed his versatility on both ends of the court. After hitting a three he instantly intercepted a pass as soon as the ball came across half-court. That steal lead to a euro-step past a defender and into a two hand slam.

At one point in the game it looked like Indy was about to blow the lid off of their lead. It almost got out of hand. You could see the frustration in all the faces of all the Miami Heat players and coaching staff. There were two trips down the court where LeBron was slamming the ball while he was dribbling. It was just a really bad night night for them.

The Pacers laid the blueprint on how to beat them. Going forward i’m sure that teams with large, skilled big men will expose these flaws down low. Although Hibbert was a non factor on offense people around the organization still have faith that he will turn things around later in the season. If he wasn’t in such of a slump that game would’ve been worse for Miami.

The heat are actively searching for an anchor in the paint. They have recently signed Chris Anderson, better known as “Birdman”, to his second 10-day contract. His play has been pretty promising for them. He’s very athletic and provides great size for a team that’s lacking it. Miami may not need a dominant player in the post game on offense but they definently need a guy with size that can provide toughness and rebounding. The way their offense is set up it’s mostly drive and kick, or pick and pop with Bosh.

Expect to see many more great battles between these two ball clubs in the future. I wouldn’t be surprised if these teams met in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Pacers are headed in the right direction and the Miami Heat will be the team to beat for some time. Basketball is back in Indiana and it’s a beautiful thing.


Tiger Woods is arguably one of the most recognized sports figures in history. He came on the pro scene in 1996 and absolutely took the tour by storm. No one had ever seen a game like his. No one had ever seen the passion and emotion he showed during competition. Part of the hype that surrounded him was due to the fact that he was African-American and people were not used to that type of person competing in the game of golf. But, as with most rises, there usually comes a fall. That fall can be quite a shock to those who don’t see it coming, as Tiger didn’t.

Tiger, whose actual name is Eldrick Tont Woods, was a prodigy in the game of golf literally since the time he could walk. He was born in Cypress, California on December 30, 1975, where he spent the majority of his youth. His parents are Earl and Kultida Woods. Tiger is a mix of many different ethnicities from African-american to Asian and Native American.

His father, Earl Woods, introduced young Eldrick to the game at a very young age. He took his son out on the course with him as much as he could. Earl was an avid golfer and enthusiast of the game. Young Tiger took to the game like a natural and excelled in the junior ranks. He even appeared on the Mike Douglas Show at the age of two where he putted against television icon Bob Hope.

Tiger excelled at the highest level all throughout his amateur career. He first broke the score of 80 at age 8 and shot his first sub-70 round at age 12. These are astounding numbers for any regular golfer, let alone a 12-year-old. The golfer went on to be named Southern California’s Amateur Player of the Year. Along with this accolade, Tiger was also named the Golf Digest Junior Amateur Player of the Year. These were just some of the highlights of his amateur career. He went on to win the prestigious US Amateur championship three years in a row.

After a very successful stint at the University of Stanford, Woods made the leap to the pro’s in 1996. He immediately drew major attention and signed deals with Nike and Titleist. With a solid rookie campaign Tiger was able to win the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year honor and the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year award. Big things were on the horizon for the young golfer and all this potential was finally brought to the light at the 1997 Masters at Augusta National.

The Tiger show was on display for that entire week at Augusta where he dazzled spectators and competitors alike. That tournament was the fuel on the fire for Tiger’s career. He’s since gone on to win a record 71 PGA tour events, 38 European Tour events and 14 majors. He quickly rose to the World Golf’s #1 ranking where he remained for a record 264 weeks. The performance Woods may actually be remembered for the most is his 2008 U. S. Open victory over Rocco Mediate. During that week Tiger was battling a major knee injury, later finding out his knee was basically deteriorated and gone. Kenny Perry was in awe saying, “He beat everybody on one leg.”

Woods’ career took a huge hit in late 2009. While at his home in Windermere, Florida on a November night, Tiger’s wife Elin Nordegren found traces in the golfer’s phone that he hadn’t been faithful to her and their marriage. A domestic dispute broke out as the evidence became more real and was brought to light. The truth became more evident as the night turned into morning hours.

It was 2:25 a.m. on the morning of Nov. 27th. There were multiple reports of an accident that happened right outside of Tiger Wood’s home in Windermere, Florida. There were many different versions of this story but now it’s time to break it down into something that makes a little bit more sense.

When Tiger was leaving his house in his Escalade at 2:25 a.m. he had to be going at a speed no faster than 33 MPH. If he was going any faster than that his air bags would’ve deployed when he hit a fire hydrant and crashed into the tree.

So that right there throws out the rumor that Elin bashed his windshield to get him out of the Escalade while he was in and out of consciousness. Something had to of caused the wreck. That something was Elin bashing his windshield while Tiger was making an escape. There was no way that she was trying to save him. Wouldn’t it be easier to just bash the front window instead of the back? On top of that I doubt that she’d be able to carry him to safety. This rumor was obviously false.

An alternate theory is that there was a domestic disturbance between the couple.  Tiger and Elin were arguing over something and the facial lacerations that he sustained were not suffered in the crash but they were cuts from his angry wife. After he was cut he was trying to flee the scene to safety, but while he was doing so Elin Chased after him and smashed out his back window. Tiger (very shocked) turned around quickly to see what the loud smashing sound was. After he turned around he lost control of his vehicle and crashed.

That theory makes more sense than the first one. Why would Tiger be leaving his house so early in the morning after thanksgiving with his family? I’m sure he wasn’t just going for a late night golf run at the local Windermere golf course.

For now all we can go by is the story about her bashing his window out to get him out of his truck. Does it add up? Not really. After the fact that all the women came out and admitted to having a relationship with Tiger, the more hostile scenario seems more believable.

The argument was all started by a text that Elin saw from Rachel Uchilet. She saw that what was on it wasn’t just a normal conversation that friends have. She decided to go through the phone more and found more text and phone calls from different women. She even heard voicemails of some of these women.

They argued and obviously some cuts and scratches were put on Tiger. He was hurt mentally and physically so he decided to leave the house at early in the morning at 2:25 a.m. We don’t know where he was going for sure but we know he didn’t get far. He was driving slowly enough for his wife to catch up to him and bust out his back window.

The shattering of his back window scared him and threw him off track causing him to hit a fire hydrant then run into a tree. He drifted in and out of consciousness until the cops and EMT’s arrived on the scene. That’s when Elin told her version of the story saying that she had to bust the window out to get Tiger out of the crashed Escalade and take him to safety.

– Eric Askren & Lance Whitley